goodness is growing

we’ve planted seeds with tender care, and nurtured them with plans to share. once wildly growing beneath the ground, our healthy harvest can soon be found. with ingredients from the earth, so yummy, they’ll bring joy to every monster’s tummy. what’s not to love about naturally nutritious, prepare for something monstrously delicious!

made from earth's whole foods

delicious snacks made with organic real whole foods like quinoa, oats, fruits, and vegetables. infused with earth’s superfoods like turmeric, lion’s main mushrooms, and powerful seeds, our snacks support smooth digestion and keep kids feeling fuller for longer – without compromising on taste.

celebrating the monster-side of childhood

our mission is to create cleaner, healthier snacks for kids that not only prioritize the well-being of our children but also honour the health of our planet. we believe in nourishing our tiny monsters so they can embrace their wild, intuitive selves to the fullest.

healthy belly, happy heart™

  • snack mindfully

    we encourage kids to practice gratitude for the elements that grow our food (thank you, sun!) and the farmers who make it possible. teaching kids about the goodness all around us encourages them to naturally choose foods that nourish us.

  • honour our tummies

    our mind and tummies are intricately linked – like two peas in a pod! reducing sugars and , increasing fiber and protein, gently supports both our mind and tummy, nurturing our overall vitality (and happiness)!

  • cherish our soils

    we source from farms that respect our soils, honour the environment, and prioritize sustainability. we believe that food grown with care and love for the earth simply tastes better!

  • female founded

    our brand celebrates female creativity and perseverance. wellness monster began as an idea to offer a healthy yet delicious snack that could revolutionize the sugar-filled kids’ snack aisle.

  • our promise

    we are dedicated to producing cleaner, healthier products that prioritize the well-being of our children, nurture their bellies, and protect our mother earth.